SCIENTOLOGY! XENU! CRUISE! Episode 12 with TONY ORTEGA is now available!

Join me and guest co-host Mike Manzi as we welcome journalist and author Tony Ortega to discuss the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, and more!

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#3.8 – Ms. Marvel and the Muslim Superheroine – with Dr. Safiyya Hosein Hard to Believe – A Podcast About Belief

Ms. Marvel was reborn in the pages of Marvel comics almost a decade ago, when writers Sama Amanat, a Pakistani-American Muslim, and G. Willow Wilson, who converted to Islam in 2003, created Khamala Khan, a 16-year-old Pakastani-American from New Jersey who idolizes the previous Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, Khan’s portrayal has drawn plenty of accolades and criticisms for its portrayal of an American Muslim youth. And, in recent years, criticism of representation of Islam in western popular culture has become far more focused, especially in the two decades since 9/11. In general, however, mass media continues to reduce Muslims to a good Muslim/bad Muslim binary, lacking any real depth or nuance. With Kamala's Ms. Marvel now joining the MCU with the Disney+ television adaptation of her story having just wrapped, John decided to ask Dr. Safiyya Hosein, who has written extensively about Kamala Khan and whose academic work covers the intersection of Islam, comics, and gender, among other things, to join him to talk about it. Dr. Hosein is on Twitter @safibelle30
  1. #3.8 – Ms. Marvel and the Muslim Superheroine – with Dr. Safiyya Hosein
  2. #3.7 – The Georgia Guidestones (RIP)
  3. #3.6 – The Bible and Abortion – with Jess Collins and Mike Manzi
  4. #3.5 – Rolling Stone's Alex Morris: On how we go to the end of Roe (and what happens next)
  5. #3.4 – The Myth of the Second Amendment with Joe Patrice

New Episode Tomorrow (7/29): TONY ORTEGA talks Scientology

Journalist Tony Ortega has been covering Scientology since 1995. He joins us to talk about the past and future of the Church of Scientology and why 2020 may be a pivotal year in determining its fate.

In 2017, Ortega was the first to report that the LAPD was investigating rape allegations against actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson. He also appeared in Alex Gibney’s breakthrough 2015 HBO documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

He is the creator of the website The Underground Bunker, where he continues to cover the Church.

Check back tomorrow to listen to my conversation with him here, the CageClub website, or wherever you get podcasts.