SCIENTOLOGY! XENU! CRUISE! Episode 12 with TONY ORTEGA is now available!

Join me and guest co-host Mike Manzi as we welcome journalist and author Tony Ortega to discuss the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, and more!

Listen here. Also available at the CageClub website, or wherever you get podcasts.

#2.14 – Octavia of Earth – with Anand Kalra Hard to Believe – A Podcast About Belief

Octavia Butler is inarguably one of the greatest science fiction authors of all time, and she may well also be the most important one of our time. She was taken from this world far too early in 2006, but her work continues to speak to and for a beleaguered world, and has found an emerging and increasingly devout audience in social justice circles and among marginalized groups to whom her work has always spoken in profound and hopeful ways. In this episode, John is joined by Anand Kalra, founding director of Uncaged Librarian Arts & Information. He has worked in K-12 public schools, early childhood education, academic libraries, LGBT advocacy, and public health policy. He is the producer, director, and lyricist from Octavia of Earth, a documusical about the live of Octavia Butler, which is now being developed into a feature film. You can learn more about Octavia of Earth here: You can learn more about Uncaged Librarian Productions here:
  1. #2.14 – Octavia of Earth – with Anand Kalra
  2. #2.13 – Dr. Fred Grewe – On what working with the dying has taught him about living
  3. Shirley (2020) – A Special Hard to Believe/The Contenders Crossover
  4. #2.12 – Bry Jensen – Host of "Pontifacts"
  5. #2.11 – Q: Into the Storm – with Teddy Smith

New Episode Tomorrow (7/29): TONY ORTEGA talks Scientology

Journalist Tony Ortega has been covering Scientology since 1995. He joins us to talk about the past and future of the Church of Scientology and why 2020 may be a pivotal year in determining its fate.

In 2017, Ortega was the first to report that the LAPD was investigating rape allegations against actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson. He also appeared in Alex Gibney’s breakthrough 2015 HBO documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

He is the creator of the website The Underground Bunker, where he continues to cover the Church.

Check back tomorrow to listen to my conversation with him here, the CageClub website, or wherever you get podcasts.