New Episode Tomorrow (8/12): Bestselling author J.W. RINZLER

Tomorrow, Juhi Khemani takes her first turn in the co-host chair as we’re joined by author J.W. Rinzler, who discusses his life as Lucasfilm’s resident historian, his The Making of Alien, his new novel All Up, and why he loves sci-fi and the movies.

We also talk about whether or not he thinks we should believe in aliens (real ones).

All Up, a wonderful novel about the dawn of the Space Age, is available now.

The critically-acclaimed The Making of Alien, which came out last year and has since become regarded as one of the best “making of” books ever written, was recently made available at a discount on Amazon.

His follow-up, The Making of Aliens, is due for release on August 25th and can be pre-ordered now.

Rinzler also wrote the bestselling comic book adaptation of George Lucas’s original draft of Star Wars, The Star Wars, which is available as a bound graphic novel.

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