TOMORROW – A Very Special QANON Event! PLUS: Catch up on episode 21!

Election day is just around the corner! Will the armies of QAnon, defenders of nonexistent children who are the nonexistent victims of a nonexistent cabal of devil-worshipping vampiric/pedophilic elites rise up and take to the streets when Donald Trump loses?

Maybe? Probably? I dunno. But QAnon is scary as shit and you should take them seriously (as in as a terrorist threat, not that you should take their claims seriously!)

Mike Manzi, Jess Collins, and Teddy Smith join me for a two-hour-plus discussion about Nazis, Russian, Roswell, and why your crazy uncle has a WWG1WGA shirt! Head here and subscribe via your favorite podcast platform now!

In the meantime, check out my discussion with Richard Kaczynski about occult icon Aleister Crowley. It’s a good one.

#3.5 – Rolling Stone's Alex Morris: On how we go to the end of Roe (and what happens next) Hard to Believe – A Podcast About Belief

Rolling Stone senior writer Alex Morris returns to the show to talk to John about the impending decision to overturn Roe (which may well have been handed down by the time this episode releases). Morris has written extensively about the American evangelical movement and the conservative movement, and her work as also looked at they way those two forces have combined to stage an assault on reproductive rights. To her, the end of Roe comes as no surprise, but how and why, exactly, American evangelicals were able to play a successful long game to overturn Roe and begin chipping away at abortion, reproductive, and LGBTQ+ rights may not be as clear. She and John discussed some of the misconceptions about the religious angle, the key players, the success of propaganda campaigns, and why in taking on a new fight it is essential to know what the real obstacles are. Links to Alex's work can be found at her website: You can find her on Twitter at @AlexMorrisNY
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