TOMORROW – A Very Special QANON Event! PLUS: Catch up on episode 21!

Election day is just around the corner! Will the armies of QAnon, defenders of nonexistent children who are the nonexistent victims of a nonexistent cabal of devil-worshipping vampiric/pedophilic elites rise up and take to the streets when Donald Trump loses?

Maybe? Probably? I dunno. But QAnon is scary as shit and you should take them seriously (as in as a terrorist threat, not that you should take their claims seriously!)

Mike Manzi, Jess Collins, and Teddy Smith join me for a two-hour-plus discussion about Nazis, Russian, Roswell, and why your crazy uncle has a WWG1WGA shirt! Head here and subscribe via your favorite podcast platform now!

In the meantime, check out my discussion with Richard Kaczynski about occult icon Aleister Crowley. It’s a good one.

#2.11 – Q: Into the Storm – with Teddy Smith Hard to Believe – A Podcast About Belief

HBO's recent docuseries Into the Storm, directed by Cullen Hoback, manages to accomplish what no other Q-themed documentary had – "unmasking" the man behind Q and his closest accomplices. While the culprit came as a surprise to almost no one who closely followed the QAnon phenomenon, Hoback's deeply personal portrait of the father-son Watkins duo, as well as 8-Chan founder Fred Brennan, remains an important journalistic and storytelling exercise. But the problem with the series has less to do with the Hoback's work and more with the response, as many viewers seem to have been lulled into a fall sense of security, assuming that now we know, for sure, who was behind Q, the coast is clear.   John invited his colleague and frequent guest Teddy Smith to watch the series and help him unpack all this.   Check out Teddy's new YouTube show, A Valiant Effert. You may recognize the opening music.
  1. #2.11 – Q: Into the Storm – with Teddy Smith
  2. #2.10 – Witch Life – with the hosts of the That Witch Life podcast
  3. #2.9 – Robin Wilkins – PhD: Parenting is HarD
  4. Hard to Believe Weekend Bonus Mini Episode – Shakespeare Authorship with Sebastian Major
  5. #2.8 – Steven Sabel – Bard to Believe – The Oxfordian Case for Shakespeare

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