Now it’s March 4th, I guess

I was accidentally on purpose trolling some disillusioned MAGA accounts today and noticed some of the pillier among the comments referencing March 4th as the “last hope”.

Turns out, there’s a reason The Storm didn’t happen on inauguration day after all! Now it’s going to happen on March 4th, the original inauguration day (before it changed during the unholy reign of the embodiment of evil and communism Franklin D. Roosevelt).

I’ll spare you the details. You can read all about it here.

But as I said – cults adapt. QAnon’s not going anywhere. Even after March 4th comes and goes without even one Trump inauguration to validate the conspiracy theories, there will be another narrative, another doomsday, to take its place.

These people aren’t going away, and they’re not giving up, and their rage isn’t subsiding even one little bit.

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