Episode 25 – Gerry Bowler

On Santa Claus

Episode 24 – Gil Bar-Sela

On making peace

Episode 23 – Lisa Vox

On the end of the world

Episode 22 – Joy Laycock

On the Satanic Temple


A special episode

Episode 21 – Richard Kaczynski

On Aleister Crowley

Episode 20 – Pastor June Joplin

On moving on

Episode 19 – Liza Richardson

On DJing great stories

Episode 18 – Greg Garrett

On U2, zombies, and race

Episode 17 – Mandisa Thomas

On organizing and advocating

Episode 16 – Kevin S. Decker

On pop culture and philosophy

Episode 15 – S.T. Joshi

On H.P. Lovecraft

Episode 14 – J.W. Rinzler

On a life in sci-fi and looking to the stars

Episode 13 – CATS!

On the macabre history of cats in Europe

Episode 12 – Tony Ortega

On Scientology

Episode 11 – Roger Moorhouse – The July 20th Plot, Part 2

Stauffenberg, Tresckow, and the plot to kill Hitler

Episode 10 – The July 20th Plot, Part 1

A brief history of Operation Valkyrie

Episode 9 – Andrew Phillip Smith

On the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade

Episode 8 – Kris Lane

On the myth of Columbus

Episode 7 – Lane Wilcken

On the Forgotten Children of Maui

Episode 6 – The Devil’s Drink

The religious war for coffee

Episode 5 – Beyond the Wall

What really happened to the Ninth Legion?

Episode 4 – Linda Kay Klein

On her book “Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free

Episode 3 – The New World

The films and philosophy of Terrence Malick, with Matt Williams

Episode 2 – The Antichrist

with Teddy Smith

Episode 1 – I Want to Believe

On the legacy of the X-Files